CHV-Animations - Waves Volume 1

A great collection of 40 royalty free background animations in broadcast quality to be used with any video editing system on PC and MAC.


40 animations (10-30 sec. each)
40 high resolution images (2048x1536)


All our animations are 100% compatible with all major non-linear video editing systems, like:

Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, AVID Xpress, Commotion, Shake, Media 100, Premiere, After Effects, iMovie, iDVD, DVD Studio Pro, 3D Studio Max, Maxon Cinema 4D, Powerpoint, Cubase, Pinnacle Studio.... and many more.

To make it short: You can fully use our animations if your editing software can read Quicktime movies.

Please let us know if you prefer other video codecs.

Seamless Loops

All animations loop seamlessly.


We have chosen Quicktime PNG as the main format for our animations for one simple reason: PNG gives you the best possible quality! Read this page to find out why PNG is simply the best available format.

5 formats are available:
720 x 486
29.97 fps, interlaced
Quicktime PNG, uncompressed
2 DVDs
NTSC720 x 48029.97 fps, interlacedQuicktime PNG, uncompressed
2 DVDs
NTSC DV720 x 48029.97 fps, interlaced
Quicktime DV-NTSC1 DVD
PAL D1720 x 57625 fps, interlaced
Quicktime PNG, uncompressed2 DVDs
PAL D1 DV720 x 57625 fps, interlacedQuicktime DV-PAL1 DVD

Animation preview

Click on the thumbnails below to view a preview of the animation. The animations have been reduced in size and quality to ensure fast download.

Download the index of this DVD set as a PDF-file. Just click the PDF-image to the right.

Image example

This DVD set also includes 40 high resolution images (2048x1536, TIFF)
which are specially rendered. The image to the right is an 100% example
of the quality of the included high resolution images.

Click the thumbnail to the right to see the full resolution of the image.

(TIF image, 2.7 MB)

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