Plugins for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express

Fx-Script Plugins

Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express provide us with several plug-in interfaces. One of the widely used interfaces is called Fx-Script. Here you will find the complete list of all available Fx-Script plug-in software-collections from CHV-Electronics.

Our Fx-Script plug-ins are compatible with Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express:
  • Final Cut Pro 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • Final Cut Express (all versions)
...on Apple's PowerPC based and Intel based computers.


Entire-Bundle 11-2010 (Now only $ 199)

The Entire-Bundle includes all of our Fx-Script plugin collections!

Final Cut Pro CHV Entire-BundleThe Entire-Bundle contains 161 plugins for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express:
  • The Repair-collection
  • The Enhanced Essentials-collection
  • The AlphaWipe-collection
  • The Clone and Paint-collection
  • The Distortion-collection
  • The MotionTracker-collection
  • The Morph-collection
  • The Bezier Garbage Matte Pro
  • The 3D-collection
  • The Film-filter
  • The Text-collection
  • The Time-collection
  • The Color-collection
  • The Starters-collection
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Fx-Script Plugin collections

The Repair-collection V1.0

Final Cut Studio Plugins CHV Repair-collectionHere are the tools for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express most editors have been waiting for. Finally you can:

  • Eliminate noise quick and easy
  • Remove dust and scratches
  • Repair any kind of dropouts (i.e. from Betacam SP and DV tapes)
  • Conquer dead pixels of digital cameras

This plugin collection is a must-have.

The Enhanced Essentials-collection V1.0 NEW

Final Cut Studio Plugins CHV Enhanced Essentials-collection40 of Final Cut Pro's most valuable every-day video filter plugins, completely redeveloped and greatly enhanced in quality, render speed and functionality.

  • Perfect borders
  • Cut black borders
  • Better previews
  • Higher limits
  • More options
  • Faster rendering
  • Higher Quality

The AlphaWipe-collection V1.0

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV AlphaWipe-collectionAlpha Wipe V1.0 creates the well known wipe effect as you know it from various different video-editing systems. But this transition plugin from CHV is different: It gives you more options, better animations and great looking effects.

With the 55 included alpha masks and all the possible combinations and different settings, you can create virtually tens of thousands of totally different looking transitions.

The MotionTracker-collection

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV MotionTracker-collectionFive special tools for automatic content-tracking. Stabilize your video, insert images into moving clips, distort faces and more...

  • Image Stabilizer
  • Insert Image
  • Garbage Matte
  • Point Distortion
  • Zoom

Silk and Fog V4.0

Freeware: Download it for free!

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Silk and Fog (Freeware)A free plugin for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express!

Silk and Fog V4.0 applies five different effects to your video. The most prominent effect is the Silk-effect. This filter is most useful for your wedding-video!

The Film-filter

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Film-FilterThe one-and-only old-film filter by CHV-Electronics.

You like to make your film look like it's more than 50 years old ?

The Film-filter is the solution for you! Add versatile scratches, animated hair, dust and noise. Add trapped hairs, frames and way more.

The Color-collection

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Color-collectionReplace one or more colors, make them transparent, outline edges, stylize brightness-levels and do many more things...

  • Replace Colors
  • Process Edges
  • Stylize

The Starters-collection

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Starters-collectionThe inexpensive software-collection for first-time users of Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.

With Binoculars and Spot you can have a glimpse of what you can do with plugins and how to use them.

The Distortion-collection V4.0 NEW

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Distortion-collectionWith 13 plugins (7 filters and 6 transitions) this collection is a versatile plugin set to distort video clips and still images.

  • Pixelstorm Pro
  • Stripes
  • GridSlide
  • Fluid Pro
  • StormCircle
  • StormFront
  • Float

The Text-collection V4.1

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Text-collectionThe new Text-collection holds 10 spectacular plugins, all made to create perfect titles in any imaginable way. You can run titles along a bezier spline, scale letters selectively up and down, create wonderful outlines... and way more. Even a complete particle system is included for animations never seen before.

And with the ability to insert and animate images and video-clips these 10 plugins are a must-have.

The Time-collection V4.1

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Time-collectionThe Time-collection V4.1 includes 13 plugins for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.

New features, new functions and the completely new CHV field based rendering system make the Time-collection V4.1 a versatile tool for all time related jobs.

The Clone and Paint-collection

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Clone and Paint-collectionThis collection contains 18 plugins.

You can clone objects, change the levels of a video, rip and shear clips apart, change the gradient and levels with an on-screen display, draw trails and much more....

The Morph-collection

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Morph-collectionThe first native Morph-Tool for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.

The comprehensive set of plugins to morph videos and still images.

The Bezier Garbage Matte Pro V4.0


Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Bezier Garbage Matte ProThe ultimate garbage matte to create even the most complicated shapes!

No more hassle with straight lines. Remember: Curves is the second name of The Bezier Garbage Matte Pro.

The 3D-collection

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV 3D-collectionThe 3D-collection makes it possible to create real 3D animations. This collection includes 4 generators, 3 transitions and 1 filter:

  • 3D-Explode (filter and transition)
  • 3D-Matrix V3.1 (generator and transition)
  • 3D-Clips (generator)
  • 3D-Cube (generator and transition


Freeware: Download it for free!

Final Cut Pro Plugins CHV Silk and Fog (Freeware)A free plugin for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express!

iSilhouette is a video filter that colorizes the silhouette of an object. You can define up to 4 colors that iSilhouette will add up and use for the creation of a shape. The shape and the surrounding areas will be colorized by two customizable colors. Additionally the borders of the shape can be colorized.

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