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Filmstrip 3D

Generate highly versatile 3 dimensional filmstrips

General Info

Filmstrip 3D is a FxPlug plugin that creates up to four 3D filmstrips. You can move the camera around it, twist and turn each filmstrip and split each side into smaller tiles. Each filmstrip can be given a different content. And you can also change the design of the border.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DFxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DFxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3D

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DConfiguration

Drag and drop the plugin Filmstrip 3D from effects menu to the timeline. The canvas will show a plain cube with colored sides. Now it's up to you to animate the filmstrip.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DCamera Rotate X
Camera Rotate Y
Camera Rotate Z

Here you can rotate the camera around it's three axis. Only the camera rotates. The filmstrips stay where they are within the 3D space.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DMove Horizontal
Move Vertical

Use these three controls to move the camera within the 3D space. Move Horizontal move the camera to the left and right, Move Vertical moves the camera up and down.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DDistance

Distance controls the distance between the camera and the filmstrips.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DPerspective Angle

Perspective Angle controls the focal length of the cameras lens. This parameter behaves just like the zoom of a regular lens on a camera.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3D FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3D
Perspective Angle = 30 Perspective Angle = 100

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DEnable Light and Specular

Here you can switch on or off the light method for the cube. If this control is switched off, you will see that the filmstrip appears much brighter. This might be confusing. So you have to understand that this control does not "switch on a global light" that illuminates the cube. This control selects between a flat lightning model, which makes the cube shine with full brightness, and a light model with a light source that creates specular reflections with an angle dependant method to illuminate the surfaces.

Light Brightness

If Enable Light and Specular is enabled, the color you select with this control is use as an ambient light source that illuminates the filmstrip from all directions.

Specular Brightness
Specular Size

Adjust the size and brightness of the specular reflection. This control only has an effect if Enable Light and Specular is enabled.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3D FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3D FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3D
Light model switched off Light model switched on
Small specular light
Light model switched on
Large specular light

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DAnti-Aliasing

Switch on/off the anti-aliasing feature. Note that this features slows down render times a bit, but gives you much nicer results. CHV suggests that you turn off this option for your animation creation process, if your computer is not fast enough to be able to run this plugin in realtime.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DColor

This color will be used for the filmstrip borders as well as for the content of the filmstrip, if you have selected Use Color at the below popup menus for the texturing method.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DBorder Mode
Border Texture

Select the texture of the border.

If the popup menu is set to Use Color you will see the above defined color. Set the popup to Use Texture to see the texture you have applied to the image well Border Texture. If no texture is applied you will see a predefined image.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DIf you like to create your own border, you have to know that only the left and right border of the applied image will be used for the border of the filmstrip. Everything in between will be unused.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DFilm Mode

Select the texture of the filmstrip. If the popup menu is set to Use Color you will see the above defined color. Set the popup to Use Texture to see the texture you have applied to the image well of the respective filmstrip. If no texture is applied you will see a predefined image on the filmstrip.

Filmstrip configuration

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DUp to four independent filmstrips can be animated. This is why you can find this section four times within the parameter list. Each section is used to setup the look and behavior of one of the four filmstrips.


Apply the desired clip or image onto this image well. You will see an image of a swan if no clip has been applied.

Crop Border

Unwanted black border can be cut with this function.


This defines the length of the filmstrip. In order to speed up render time, you might want to keep the filmstrips shorter if you only look at a portion of the strip.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DFxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3D

Move Left/Right
Move Forward/Backward

Here you can define the position of the filmstrip.


With this parameter you can twist and twirl the filmstrip. Each filmstrip can be modified individually.

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3D FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3D
Twist Twirl

FxPlug Plugin Filmstrip 3DExplosion

Here you can rip the filmstrip into pieces. With this slider the filmstrip will be cut into small fragments which then will fly around in the 3D space.


If you like create an animation starting directly from an image of a filmstrip, you have to move the filmstrip and the camera into the correct position to each other. Use these settings:

Camera Rotate X, Y and Z: 0
Move Horizontal: 0
Move Vertical: 0
Distance: 10
Perspective Angle: 50
Clip: Move Left/Right: 0
Clip: Move Forward/Backward: 0
Clip: Twist: 0
Clip: Twirl: 0
Clip: Explosion: 0

Also fade Light Brightness to a bright white or switch Enable Light and Specular off.

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