Magic 3D FX V3.0.0

Four high quality 3D FxPlug Plugins for Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and Motion 2-4

The plugin package Magic 3D FX is dedicated to everyone who love to create stunning 3D animations directly with Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Final Cut Express and Final Cut Studio.

Matrix 3D

Matrix 3D creates a grid like surface with up to 100 different video clips on it. The size, layout and shape of the surface is fully adjustable. The video clips can be put onto the surface in many different ways. And with the ability to create specular light effects Matrix 3D is the perfect tool to create stunning 3D effects. READ MORE!


Filmstrip 3D

Filmstrip 3D is a FxPlug plugin that creates up to four 3D filmstrips. You can move the camera around it, twist and turn each filmstrip and split each side into smaller tiles. Each filmstrip can be given a different content. And you can also change the design of the border. READ MORE!


CubeGrid 3D

CubeGrid 3D creates a grid of identical cubes. The grid is highly adjustable and offers a wide variety of parameters to tweak. You can freely move the camera around and create beautiful transitions. A light source highlights each cube and creates specular light reflections on the surfaces. READ MORE!


Cube 3D

Cube 3D is a highly versatile FxPlug plugin that creates a three dimensional Cube. You can twist and turn it, split each side into smaller tiles, swirl all those tiles around while wonderful light reflections make the cube shine like a diamond. READ MORE!

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