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The Film-Filter
Make your film look old!

Distortion controls:

  • Shake the movie up and down
  • Generate sudden vertical "jumps"
  • Add dust and dirt
  • Add vertical scratches
    • Add long and short hairs
    • Add animated trapped hairs
    • Add scratches
    • Generate the well-known "square" and "triangle"
    • Generate a frame on the border or use a map
    • Lower the quality of the film

    Color controls:

    • Add sepia-tone
    • Control contrast and gamma
    • Add brightness-flicker
    • Add colored and black&white grain depending on the brightness
    • Everything is fully controllable
    • Each effect can be turned on and off separately
    • Each effect can be reproduced perfectly over and over again
    • Selectable area where the effects will be applied

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