Final Cut Pro / Final Cut Express / Motion - FxPlug Plug-Ins
Quartz Composer Plugins
The best plugin platform
Using Apple's Quartz Composer technology QC Integration FX provides you with a large set of plugins for Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Final Fut Pro 5-7, Final Cut Express 4 and Motion 2-4. With QC Integration FX it is easy to quickly create, modify, use and even distribute securely any Quartz Composer file as a plugin for Final Cut Studio. READ MORE!
Final Cut Pro / Final Cut Express / Motion - FxPlug Plug-Ins
FxPlug Plugins
Next generation plugins
FxPlug is the native plugin architecture that greatly enhances the abilities of plugins for use in Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Final Cut Pro 5-7 and Motion 2-4. The advantages of FxPlug are greater speed, extensive 3D capabilities with light reflections, and enhanced texturing. And of course all plugins are Universal Binaries for Final Cut Pro and Motion to work on Intel- and PPC-based Macintosh computers. READ MORE!
Final Cut Pro / Final Cut Express Fx-Script Plug-Ins
Fx-Script Plugins
Professional plugins for Final Cut Pro / Express
Fx-Script is the classic plugin-interface for Final Cut Pro 1-7 and Final Cut Express. Perfect system integration and high quality results make Fx-Script plugins the perfect choice to enhance the capabilities of your video editing system. CHV was one of the first to offer a great variety of plugins for Final Cut Pro. READ MORE!
Royalty Free 3D Animations
Royalty-free high quality video clips
CHV offers 'royalty free' animated video footage on DVD. Each DVD set contains a variety of high-quality professional animations and are supplied in 5 different formats and resolutions. All animations loop seamlessly and can be used with your video production, DVD-menus, wedding videos, broadcast background animations, web sites... use them anywhere you like. READ MORE!

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